October 2011

Keeping It Private

You outsource SEO efforts with the best outsourcing company because of one ultimate goal-to gain visibility. To attain this, you need to know who your users are. In the past, Google would let us know who our audiences are. However, last week, Google made a significant change to protect the search privacy of users. Recently,

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Panda 2.5 Update

Last week, Google roll out the new Panda 2.5 update. SEO Outsourcing companies are aware of the updates, but many SEO specialists figured it out since they saw their traffic hitting rock bottom. Their suspicions were confirmed by Google’s Matt Cutts. Most sites went straight ahead to SearchMetrics and used the SEO visibility chart to

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The Panda Is Back

Most people in the SEO industry would know that Google will release a new algorithm (again) worldwide, pertaining to Google AdWords. This is good news for companies who outsource seo, because the main change in algorithm would be to give more weight to landing page quality with the help of the AdWords Quality Score. Sounds

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