July 2011

Google Panda 2.3 Update is Now Live

Google Panda is a filter added to Google’s search engine algorithm to produce better and relevant search engine results for its users. Panda updates are manually pushed out as opposed to a roll out people are thinking because of the recent complaints seen in various webmaster threads and forums.

7 Suggestions Twitter Could Conquer the Local Scene

Conquering the local scene in business marketing is one of the biggest opportunities on the net and there aren’t a lot of social media tools that can fully triumph over this task than Twitter. Here are 7 ways how Twitter can actually win the local scene and help bridge the gap in connecting people to places they really care about.

Business Pending Review and Bug on Google Places

The bug is causing inconveniences for businesses and Google has already announced notifications to the public about the situation. If you have been affected, then your business may be in “Pending” status for as long as four weeks.

Subdomains: Can It Help You Out of Google Panda Penalty?

An article from The Wall Street Journal reported that Hubpages has found a way to recover from their Google Panda penalty through the use of subdomains. The article said that Hubpages was hit hard by the Google Panda update, but by moving their low quality content from their www site to a subdomain and keeping the quality content on the www site, progress was seen.

365Outsource.com Is the Philippines’ First All-Around Online Marketing Firm

365Outsource.com, the Philippines’ front line company that provides high quality SEO services, evolves into an all-around, full-fledged online marketing solutions firm with the addition of its new products. The company will be adding video production, newsletters, and press releases making them the first, in the Philippines, to offers such encompassing online marketing solutions.

Google+ Gives Business “Pages”

Good news for business and social media marketing companies, Google+ SMB-centric business profiles are coming soon.
Since the launch of the Google Plus’s “field trial,” people have been speculating whether Google+ will have “Pages” for brands, businesses, or for non-human entities. It’s similar to Facebook’s “Fan Pages” and according to Google’s top men, the product is on its way.

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