July 2010

Data Entry Outsourcing

Businesses always have to deal with the need to have pertinent data available at all times. This has made data entry outsourcing a relatively profitable venture for an outsourcing provider. The task involves transcribing information and data from one form into another, usually through the use of software.

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Site Moderation Services

In terms of making the site more appealing to consumers, moderators can also help. IT outsourcing firms that have experience in moderation know the common methods of tweaking or adjusting design and content to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This almost means they have an idea how to make the site look interesting, rather than something that looks dull and easy to ignore.

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Transcription Services in BPO Outsourcing

Among BPO outsourcing firms, one of the earliest and most common non-voice services was transcription. The simple definition of transcription, in this context, is taking the spoken word and putting into paper or electronic text form. This has become a common aspect of life in a number of industries, but the media, legal, and medical fields are the most likely to seek outsourcing solutions for their transcription needs.

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Internet Content Writing Services

On the Internet, an unwritten rule for companies is that “content is king.” This basically means that consumers and users are looking for information they can use or is relevant to their interests. Presentation can go a long way when the seller is right in front of a customer, but on the Internet, it doesn’t have as much of an impact. More traditional marketing approaches can’t always adapt to this situation, so companies that need to carve out a niche online look for content writing services.

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The Option of Offshore Staffing

In the modern business environment, a number of companies are understandably uncomfortable with the risks inherent to expanding their staff. This is not because of a lack of positions to be filled or by problems with the competency of the screening process. Instead, it is because of all the paperwork and technicalities involved in adding new members to an existing workforce. This has made the option of offshore staffing a popular choice for companies in this situation.

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What Is User-Generated Content?

Search engine optimization is arguably the best way for a company to make its presence known on the Internet and to make an impact in that arena. SEO providers have a wide range of techniques that they can use to get the job done, with a significant degree of flexibility in that regard. With good content and skill, an SEO firm can put a website in a place of prominence among search engine rankings.

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SEO Link Building Intro

SEO link building is a service commonly offered by SEO outsourcing companies. It is a common technique for SEO procedures and is consistently part of the package from such providers. However, some businesses that are looking into outsourcing their SEO needs are unaware of just what purpose link building fulfills in an overall optimization strategy.

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The English Language in the Philippines

It is no secret that the United States serves as the largest source of business for the outsourcing industry. From customer service to technical support to sales, companies in the U.S. have used outsourcing providers to handle various functions of their operations. This allows them to reduce overhead costs, focus their resources on their primary competencies, and remain afloat amidst a difficult economic environment.

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