Month: August 2010

Offshore Outsourcing to Sri Lanka?

The latest buzz in the global offshore outsourcing industry is the potential development of Sri Lanka as a destination for BPO and other IT outsourced services. That’s going to be a long time from now, as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) says that it’s no longer going to offer JAVA training in the country.

Standard and Custom Link Building Practices for SEO

SEO link building is part and parcel of any successful attempt at marketing over the Internet. It isn’t enough to have the best website; a company has to make sure people actually see it. This means that measures have to be taken to increase the traffic going to a site, and numerous companies outsource to the Philippines to tap into the growing SEO industry there.

Using Social Media for Internet Marketing

Social media platforms are practically everywhere these days, and almost everyone uses them. They have helped connect people in different ways, but they also provide intriguing business opportunities. Social media marketing provides a new way for a business to connect with its customers and try to increase awareness of its products or services. This can be an intriguing way to get the word out. It all comes down to how it’s balanced.

More Growth Predicted in Philippines Outsourcing

There’s a bright day ahead for BPO companies in the Philippines. The Business Processing Association of the Philippines is predicting more growth in the Philippines outsourcing industry. In a study conducted recently, the BPO organization discovered that there’s more investor confidence in the country.

Outsourcing Costs Related to One HSBC

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) revealed that its effort to standardize technology and services led to the rise of IT and outsourcing expenses. Worldwide costs related to this rose by 17% during the first six months of the year.

Getting Outsourcing Services to Develop a Company

For a company to stay in business, it must put most of its resources and efforts into becoming better at its core competency. Most firms can’t do that. For a company to operate, it has to have several departments in place that are not directly related to its main source of income, but are performing tasks that keep things running smoothly.

The Need for Improvement in Outsourcing Deals

A study conducted by ESI International shows that outsourcing deals should be improved. Companies should deal with offshore companies more effectively to ensure the success of any project. The results of the ESI study show that most organizations that outsource don’t clearly state what they want.

Virtual Secretarial Services

Secretarial services are becoming one of the things that offices are starting to outsource to providers, rather than have it in-house. The reality is that there are always going to be duties that need to be delegated and things that need to be organized, and these can sometimes prevent people from getting tasks done.

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