October 2010

Outsourcing and Employee Security: Yes, They Can Be Used in the Same Sentence

Often, a when an SEO company decides to outsource to the Philippines, in-house employees start to stress themselves out. Will they still have their job? Will there be layoffs? How many will get laid off? Employees fear that their jobs are endangered. One thing that employees don’t consider, though, is that outsourcing can provide them with opportunities to move up the ladder. SEO outsourcing can allow them to hone their skills and get a better workload.

Outsource SEO to Protect Your Business’s Blind Spots

For small businesses or start-ups, there are so many things that the business owner needs to take care of. He is often a one-man team. He takes care of finance, meets clients, sets price and sometimes even takes care of IT-related office problems. It will be difficult for him to actually sit down and do SEO article writing so that his website ranks higher in Google.

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